Strategic management advice


Founder Michael Macleod-Ball directed the federal advocacy staff of the American Civil Liberties Union for nearly a decade.  In that role, he helped formulate and implement a major restructuring of the entire national organization and also reorganized the federal advocacy department to coordinate with litigation and communications colleagues.  He ran a statewide affiliate of the ACLU for three years.  In his private law practice he advised dozens of non-profits on corporate, financial, and management issues.  Whether your organization's annual budget is in the hundreds of millions or in the hundreds of thousands, 627 Consulting can help resolve your operational challenges and make your entity a smoother running, more efficient, more effective player.

Government relations


Founder Michael Macleod-Ball has been an effective advocate at the federal and state level, in courtrooms, and before administrative agencies.  He is a national expert on rights of speech, assembly, petition, press, and religion.  He oversaw successful campaigns to preserve federal campaign finance disclosure protections and to roll back surveillance authorities under the Patriot Act.  At the state level, he played a critical role in advancing health benefits for LGBT individuals and in preserving privacy protections for those accused of minor drug possessions - in both cases in a deeply conservative state.  He has established strong and lasting alliances on the right and left at both federal and state levels on issues of speech, criminal justice reform, and privacy.  He has testified before Congress on free speech issues and has been quoted in major national news publications on a host of issues related to individual rights.  And he has appeared hundreds of times in state and federal courts on an array of issues.

Campaign finance compliance and accounting


627 Consulting founder Michael Macleod-Ball is a recognized national expert on campaign finance accounting and disclosure issues.  He led ACLU's advocacy on major federal disclosure legislation and guided its national board through a lengthy and complex revision to its national policies.  He has advised dozens of ACLU affiliates on state disclosure laws.  He has advised state and federal candidates on campaign finance and election recount issues, served as congressional campaign treasurer, and filed numerous reports with the Federal Election Commission.  He has also advocated and filed reports on lobbyist disclosure and registration issues.